slowly through the thick of it

Homecoming, per se, to MN. The air is thick here. One might think that it’s not the heat, but the humidity. One might be wrong.

Buried in the midst of lightning all around, the smell of fresh rain on thick grass, and old familiar roads are thoughts of who I was, who I am, and who I might be, carefully filtered through the prism of those I’ve love and those who have loved me.

The air isn’t thick with rain or anything specific to the weather. The air I crawl my hand through carries the depth of dark wine and the same potential for a hangover. Drink nostalgia too deeply, young man, and you may not come up again for breath.

A fitting song: Bigfoot by the Weakerthans

just dropped in

All manner of contexts have been presented for my acquaintance with Dark – solo hikes, late night strolls home from new love or a heavy buzz, lazy snowstorm mornings with the sound (and blue strobe) of plows thundering by, and the long black that only the bottom of the Earth can provide. You could say […]

the side-slip and the mind-drift

I’ve done so little writing in the past months, less so here.  This exists as a bizarre contrast to the changes and pursuits that my life has held in the last year.  I’ve been living a life outside of my normal scope – been directly answering the question I wrote one year past about when […]

a fresh start

It’s been far, far too long since I last wrote. This is the beginning of cleaning up the mess behind the hood of this site – one necessary step in removing the roadblock excuses I’ve been using to avoid writing.  The site will likely be a “work-in-progress” for the next couple of weeks.

out and about

One of the difficult aspects in the life of a wanderer can be a lack of a home. We all take ownership of a space, an area we can return to for mental stability, to breathe a little easier, to recharge. Bouncing city to city, staying with friends, I end up lacking that. No matter […]

on bailing out

I drove through the sunrise this morning, from the dark of night to the full of the daylight. It was the first complete sunrise that I’ve seen since the one-month wonder that marks the morning at the South Pole. There’s magic in the subtle changes that exist in the hours of twilight and dawn. Even […]

commentary on socialism

From The Atlantic, a great visual representation of just how “socialist” our economy has become: “What Socialism Looks Like”

rounding the same mountain

Funny how, almost three decades in to this life-thing, I still struggle with some of the same issues. I suppose that on many levels, we all do. One good thing? They’re more familiar with each passing. This time around I can recognize the odd mixture of excitement and melancholy of transition. It’s still affecting me, […]

webmail access

So if you’ve used webmail through me and this site over the past couple of years, you’ll have noticed that it hasn’t worked very well (or at all) lately. All should now be resolved and all of the old accounts are still around if you still need access to check up on them or clean […]


I work in abstraction these days, in an arbitrary world of numbers, rules set atop rules to meet accounting and inventory tracking standards, spreadsheets growing in cellular complexity daily, interconnected by formulas and references, a web of imaginary numbers based loosely on reality. I crave a return to trailwork, to manual labor where the days […]