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slowly through the thick of it

Homecoming, per se, to MN. The air is thick here. One might think that it’s not the heat, but the humidity. One might be wrong. Buried in the midst of lightning all around, the smell of fresh rain on thick grass, and old familiar roads are thoughts of who I was, who I am, and […]

the side-slip and the mind-drift

I’ve done so little writing in the past months, less so here.  This exists as a bizarre contrast to the changes and pursuits that my life has held in the last year.  I’ve been living a life outside of my normal scope – been directly answering the question I wrote one year past about when […]

rounding the same mountain

Funny how, almost three decades in to this life-thing, I still struggle with some of the same issues. I suppose that on many levels, we all do. One good thing? They’re more familiar with each passing. This time around I can recognize the odd mixture of excitement and melancholy of transition. It’s still affecting me, […]

a laugh not soon forgotten

On the way back to the airport tonight, I watched the sun set low over the Mississippi River. This is not an unfamiliar sight – I’ve watched it many times in my life. Each instance manifested vastly different than the one before, sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic changes in the nuance of color, the shapes of […]

modern mystique

I forget, on frequent occasion, the beauty and need of escape. The pleasure that exists in the easing of a mind, in the focus on reveling in a present, simple moment. I forget, because it is far too easy to get distracted. Escape, as I understand and occasionally crave it, takes practice. It can take […]

old familiar

It’s come back to visit again, the old romantic burning – the feeling of longing attached to no particular target. It’s a tie-in to whenever I half-settle, whenever I sit still in the presence of a place, knowing I’ll be here for a spell, knowing I’ll be leaving to wander again soon. The pangs of […]

miniscule missions

Sometimes accomplishing the small goals can reap major rewards. Not sure why, but sewing buttons back onto old favorite shirts, extending their life a touch, seems monumental today. I can’t think of many items on the list (of things to do in my life) much smaller, or of a lower priority, but I feel like […]

setling fiercely

I’ve spent the better part of the last two months back in the United States bouncing between various worlds, helping family and tracking down friends, scheduling visits and hiking in places my feet have missed in the last two years. It’s beautiful and bizarre, inspiring and occasionally confusing to cram so much in, but tiring. […]

distinctly distant

One of the more transient (in the fact that it vacillates between abhorrent and wonderful) aspects of a seasonal lifestyle is the movement and connection of friendships. Relationships are forged fast and furious in a world of shared context – we have no need to develop commonalities between us – the worlds we work in […]

empirical studies

I harvest images, the tangents of idea and emotion, draw them into a cohesive narrative and build my life. We all do. We translate the empirical into a story, take disconnected colors, sounds, smells, tastes, touch and interpret on the fly. This is not new, this is not a philosophy unexplored. It is worth reminding, […]