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dreaming truth

Buried somewhere in the recesses, in the dark corners of history past they lay, treasures shrouded in the heavy folds of dark velvet, entwined in scents we both fear and hope for. We savor the edges of the music surrounding them but cannot hold the tune, cannot unwind the wrappings… The mysteries of the paths […]

craving the yellow lines

You wish there were words to capture it – the fleeting feeling that lay on the edge of love and knowing, that holds for moments in the uncertain, before a leap into the dark. That stirring of life in skin that finds itself near another, the taste of wonder and hope. A lifetime wrapped into […]

turning history’s pages

Last night I started watching the show “Freaks and Geeks”. While it wasn’t my decade (the show takes place in 1980) it did a damn good job of bringing back the awkward moments of high school and junior high with a hint of humor. It amazes me how much some things have changed and how […]

southern sky scrutiny

We have a good deal of time available to us here. While we work (job dependent) anywhere from fifty-four to eighty hours a week, we are able to skip many of the time-consuming portions of life off-continent. There is no commute greater than a half-mile walk (most are no greater than a couple hundred feet), […]

forest for the trees

A distinct memory: reading Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey for the first time, drinking in the words that described what I had, where I was, resting in the sun, filtered through the boughs of massive pines, laying on the stump of an ancient Sequoia, fifteen feet off the ground, catching wisps of the breeze carried […]

way down yonder in a minor key

There is great power in the world around us with which to heighten an experience, to gnaw away distraction and give clear credence to a truth. A soundtrack set with tense, stringed chords and abrupt, wooden clatter filtered tonight’s thoughts. Clarity, found not in an answer, but in a question. Clarity to be found in […]

thoughts; random

We played pub trivia tonight – tossing around answers to four rounds of questions in exchange for small shots at pride and a few beers. Good questions from a pun-favoring fellow, Adit. A perfect combination of humor and hubris. Its easier to catch, as we get tired, our levels of frustration and ego – easier […]

perchance to feel

Once, in the beginnings of a singular love, I traded two small clay beads for a sarong, worn by the woman I fell for that summer. We met beneath the moon and the white pines of the upper midwest, two figures in the night, shirking responsibility for that moment, for that pair of smiles. It […]

that old familiar twinge

yup. love. that small grip of nostalgia to share moments with someone that no one else bears witness to. there’s a want for it back and growing. must be the moon or something. tough being a hopeless romantic at the bottom of the world. funny to encounter the twinge after an evening of testosterone-driven movies […]

it is five a.m. and you are listening…

Late night, post movies with friends. The end of a swing shift day, slowly moving from the station to home at five in the morning. Gather up momentum, and find the way to your cold weather gear from the lounge. Notice the station waking up for day shift, construction managers already leaving their morning meeting. […]