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on bailing out

I drove through the sunrise this morning, from the dark of night to the full of the daylight. It was the first complete sunrise that I’ve seen since the one-month wonder that marks the morning at the South Pole. There’s magic in the subtle changes that exist in the hours of twilight and dawn. Even […]

writing and such; two

The first of two articles was published in the Mankato Free Press today – here is the link: Blue Earth man finds job, home at South Pole It’s a trip getting published – a combination of thrill and wariness. They are my words that you read but my words as altered by a final round […]

writing and such

On a note that finally contains a decent excuse for not writing here, I’ve just been published. If you’re in the mood to peruse a few words on Antarctica, go visit It’s an online magazine with bent toward sharing unique experiences and acting in the mind of social change. You can find the article […]