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just dropped in

All manner of contexts have been presented for my acquaintance with Dark – solo hikes, late night strolls home from new love or a heavy buzz, lazy snowstorm mornings with the sound (and blue strobe) of plows thundering by, and the long black that only the bottom of the Earth can provide. You could say […]

in the drek and the drizzle

The snow tonight is heavy, fluffed full and quickly melting in the springtime warmth. Driving south out of Duluth – spray coming up off the roads, the evening dimmed by low clouds, good music on the radio, the thrum of my windshield wipers – the road felt good. It was a hearkening back to many […]

travel plan formulation

So in the end, my travel plans for the next month are a far cry from my original intents. Kudos to the exes who have put up with my travel style in the past (a complete avoidance of plans). Today I had to actually plan things out – spent the afternoon calling and booking flights […]

under the sea

One of the greatest advantages of working contract positions in Antarctica is the ability to travel and explore new pursuits at the finish. For myself, I took after getting certified for open water scuba diving. I’m resting up tonight at the tail end of my open water dives, sunburned, salt-watered, and happy. In the end, […]

The Oxygen Deprived

it could be the weather (beautiful and sunny), it could be the final freedom from the snow, it could be the oxygen at sea level. who knows what it is…the gist, however, is that these last few days in new zealand have left me feeling euphoric. on this note that friends and i will gather […]