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slowly through the thick of it

Homecoming, per se, to MN. The air is thick here. One might think that it’s not the heat, but the humidity. One might be wrong. Buried in the midst of lightning all around, the smell of fresh rain on thick grass, and old familiar roads are thoughts of who I was, who I am, and […]

just dropped in

All manner of contexts have been presented for my acquaintance with Dark – solo hikes, late night strolls home from new love or a heavy buzz, lazy snowstorm mornings with the sound (and blue strobe) of plows thundering by, and the long black that only the bottom of the Earth can provide. You could say […]

the side-slip and the mind-drift

I’ve done so little writing in the past months, less so here.  This exists as a bizarre contrast to the changes and pursuits that my life has held in the last year.  I’ve been living a life outside of my normal scope – been directly answering the question I wrote one year past about when […]

a fresh start

It’s been far, far too long since I last wrote. This is the beginning of cleaning up the mess behind the hood of this site – one necessary step in removing the roadblock excuses I’ve been using to avoid writing.  The site will likely be a “work-in-progress” for the next couple of weeks.

out and about

One of the difficult aspects in the life of a wanderer can be a lack of a home. We all take ownership of a space, an area we can return to for mental stability, to breathe a little easier, to recharge. Bouncing city to city, staying with friends, I end up lacking that. No matter […]

[No Title]

I’ll miss you, Dusty. Miss you a great deal…


Antarctica is sliding by at six hundred miles per hour outside the window. I’m crashed out on the empty cargo bay floor of a C-17 on it’s way to Christchurch. There are so few northbound pax on the flight that the Air Force crew outnumbers us. The transition from winter at Pole, to station opening […]

haphazard humdrum

Call me of being a hopeless sentimentalist, a romantic from some other time, and you’ll be in chorus with many others. Read into my writing below as always finding a bright spot and you may not be too far off. Accuse my idealism of being useless, of pandering to a non-existent reality? You’ll find me […]

at what cost

We glamorize warfare as a society, build games, movies, and sports around the idea of the ultimate competition, around a testosterone-filled pursuit of some greater ideal or something so crass as beating a demonized enemy to a pulp. As a culture we look toward the patriotic charisma of the clean-cut soldiers image, flag waving in […]

ten percent inspiration…

My friends are an adventurous bunch, all told. Their lives run the gamut from the pragmatic to the fantastic, from raising children outside the status quo to building a business, from forging a path as a graphic design provocateur to mapping the chemistry of the human mind, from hiking the highest mountain passes in Nepal […]