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As we age, we gain the insight into character necessary not only to better know what we need and want but how to articulate it to others. We learn how to state, how to demand, how to ask. I am envious (and attracted to) those who give the impression of ability to state their mind […]

orion’s feet

not too long now until we see our first star. The sun is circling round us in the final throes of dusk. It’s been a busy last few days, plenty done, plenty to do. Soon, more photos of life and the sunset. Soon, I’ll be watching for Orion’s feet on the horizon (we seem him […]

Air Droppings; the photographs

Some airdrop photos for your perusal.

spiriting the holidays away

Tonight is Christmas eve here at the South Pole, unique in that I’m going to sleep at 3 AM, and it is still early morning on the same day back home. It was a beautiful night, gathered with friends who have become family, great food, good wine, even better conversation, and a late-night dance shindig […]


so here i sit, in a hotel suite in denver, at the start of the long dark. the “long dark,” by the by, sounds far more melodramatic than i take it to be, but i like how it denotes much of my upcoming year in antarctica, and i say it with a smile. so here […]

melancholy moods, those nights when you watch the ones you love struggle with weights they should not have to bear. no good words or advice, just peace and warm thoughts to offer. we’ll fight the pragmatic fight tomorrow. answers always seem to come easier in the daylight.

nostalgic moon

i stopped, on the way back to southern minnesota, at the side of the road. i had been driving by the light of the full moon, tangling my way slowly along a gravel lane after visiting a close friend. to the north, lighting played in storm clouds, too distant to hear the thunder. all around […]


i am not a perfect man.. i aim to be humble – to breathe good air out into the world that i might breathe good air in.

an empirical empire

just a note, a realization on a gorgeous day after a storm… a rational approach to this world leads me to a slow defeat. to explore it in a tactile form, however, to breathe it in, test it, touch it, taste it, drink it in – that is how i understand what goes on around […]

seasonal disruptive disorder

there’s the in-between of seasonal work, the bouncing around without home, the movement between worlds and i keep learning that i don’t easily do well here. travelling? not a problem – just give me an end date and the days go by in spontenaity and willful, smiling abandon. starting fresh without a plan but with […]