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webmail access

So if you’ve used webmail through me and this site over the past couple of years, you’ll have noticed that it hasn’t worked very well (or at all) lately. All should now be resolved and all of the old accounts are still around if you still need access to check up on them or clean […]

the working guts

My computer’s hard drive (a new one, replaced less than a month ago) took a dive, again. This time it was a complete loss – no backup earlier than one month past. So, it will be a few days before a longer update, and if you’ve emailed me in the past month, there is a […]

we are experiencing technical difficulties

Apologies for the delay in writing, my computer’s hardrive decided to spin itself into little metal bits. Well, not quite that severe, but I’ve put a number of hours into recovering my files and getting my laptop back up and running. Updates soon, but I need a break from my irksome computer lest I throw […]

web work; again

Okay, had a few moments today, while still stuck in McMurdo (updates on that in a moment). The gist is that I’ve updated the site a touch, set an opening page on (which you may have seen), and arranged my blog bits and bobs into two separate sites. From now on, I’ll be tossing […]

commenting on the comment engine

On a note of the underpinnings of this site, I played with the comment engine some. There should no longer be a need to authenticate through a third party application, though I might still have to approve you first. In other words, comment away (by clicking on the comments button after each entry, adding your […]


a realization struck me tonight, as i pack to travel for work… …there’s dust on my stuff. it’s been a long time since i’ve sat still long enough for that to happen.

technical tidbits

so this site is up and running in a sort of fashion – a car frame on blocks with a running engine, maybe. there’s definitely a lot more work to do – major, minor and cosmetic but she runs for now. comments work too – save a catch. you need to log in to a […]

it…it’s alive!

’bout time…this lovely little thing is starting to run again. i finally managed to get the program that runs this blog to work correctly after a ‘forced’ upgrade by my host provider. it’s a long messy story of technical glitches and severe procrastination but things should be working now. at least mechanically. as for the […]

It Ain’t Trailbuildin’, but…

three days of solid frustration, a sorta-steep learning curve into css and the ol’ blogging tool is up and running. now i can join the throngs (millions strong) of people spilling their guts to the anonymous web. my inner workings and spelling errors in the public domain… a scary thought. comments are welcome, particularly from […]