just dropped in

All manner of contexts have been presented for my acquaintance with Dark – solo hikes, late night strolls home from new love or a heavy buzz, lazy snowstorm mornings with the sound (and blue strobe) of plows thundering by, and the long black that only the bottom of the Earth can provide.

You could say we’re on friendly terms, Dark and I. We have pact of ease that allows for an encompassing, comforting cocoon to envelope thought. There is a warmth that carries resolutions for the present and the subtle travel partner of good nostalgia.

Driving north tonight, a short hop along the front range on 93, I saw only moonlit mountain sides and the light-shells of small cars miles ahead. Each of us traveling along, isolated, holding our own fort in the world around us. Dark allows that privacy – the rarity of mental silence in the modern world.

It could be that recent change (small potatoes – a move an hour north) left Dark in the passenger seat, could be that I finally found some clear thinking. In the end, the drive pulled past and present together, offered up new thoughts on love, on old friends, and offered a few new perspectives for my second try at the non-seasonal world.

In a moment of serendipity, the random tracks playing across my stereo blended all of it together seamlessly.

For sharing purposes (best rounded out with a moonlit drive away from city lights, a lifetime behind you and a lifetime ahead):

Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago – Soul Coughing

No Regrets – Aesop Rock

Just Dropped In – Kenny Rogers

Yuma, AZ – Damien Jurado

Gone For Good – The Shins

The Mast – Feist

Ball and Chain – Social Distortion

Field Below – Regina Spektor

Done Got Old – Heartless Bastards

Paris 2004 – Peter, Bjorn, and John

From a Payphone in the Rain – Teague Alexy with the Feelin Band

Airline to Heaven – Wilco

Is This It – The Strokes

Paradise Lost – Storyhill

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