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One of the difficult aspects in the life of a wanderer can be a lack of a home. We all take ownership of a space, an area we can return to for mental stability, to breathe a little easier, to recharge. Bouncing city to city, staying with friends, I end up lacking that. No matter how much I appreciate the efforts and hospitality of those who offer me space, they can’t fulfull the need I have to create my own.
Biking down the road on my gear, under my power, at my own chosen pace? It creates a bubble around me, a roaving place of ownership from which I can recharge, check my perspective, and analyze the world.
Lacking the ability to bike at the moment, I’m back in Duluth, enjoying time with friends, but unable to sate my need for my own space. So, failing a bike ride (for now), it’s time to get on the road, time to get behind the steering wheel and start moving again. Where to doesn’t so much matter, though good destinations and people tend to pop up along the way. What does matter is the space to unpack the clutter in my head, sort through it, and realign it for a spell.
If I can’t do that biking around Superior’s shores and I don’t yet own my own place in the world, then I’ll seek it out through different means. Road trips and hiking tend to do the trick…

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