a laugh not soon forgotten

On the way back to the airport tonight, I watched the sun set low over the Mississippi River. This is not an unfamiliar sight – I’ve watched it many times in my life. Each instance manifested vastly different than the one before, sometimes subtle, sometimes drastic changes in the nuance of color, the shapes of […]

modern mystique

I forget, on frequent occasion, the beauty and need of escape. The pleasure that exists in the easing of a mind, in the focus on reveling in a present, simple moment. I forget, because it is far too easy to get distracted. Escape, as I understand and occasionally crave it, takes practice. It can take […]

[No Title]

I’ll miss you, Dusty. Miss you a great deal…


Since I’ve spent the better part of the last two years surrounded by snow and ice, one might think that I could stand a break from it in warmer climes. Instead, the fact that I’m currently getting buried out in Boulder, CO and spent a chunk of the morning laughing as I kicked through a […]

Recovery and Rehash

So in the past, trying to clean the comment sections of this site up from a plague of spam, I accidentally killed a great deal of entries. Most of them were from the start of this mess of words, from my first season on the ice in 2003. Thanks to the magic of the WayBack […]

literary projections

So some of you have seen my email and Facebook update/spam requesting help already. For those of you how missed it, here’s one more run: I’ve an idea in my head for a trip that I’ll be going on from June to August, one that will be finalizing itself in the next couple of months. […]

lost on purpose to find it

Came across a small town in the mountains the other day, a throwback to libertarian ideals and isolation, escaping the modern world. It’s a rough town – compiled of gravel, dirt, and old gold-mining grit, abandoned cars, and decrepit homes. There are more than a few dwellings that were once a vehicle, now-parked, now the […]

musing on the music

One other good thing about mountain drives and crisp air? There is little better to listen to new music to. These days its the newest Weakerthans album, Ben Folds’ Way To Normal, some Hobo Nephews, Washington, the Into The Wild soundtrack by Eddie Vedder, older Regina Spektor, and new hip hop out of Minneapolis by […]

old familiar

It’s come back to visit again, the old romantic burning – the feeling of longing attached to no particular target. It’s a tie-in to whenever I half-settle, whenever I sit still in the presence of a place, knowing I’ll be here for a spell, knowing I’ll be leaving to wander again soon. The pangs of […]

miniscule missions

Sometimes accomplishing the small goals can reap major rewards. Not sure why, but sewing buttons back onto old favorite shirts, extending their life a touch, seems monumental today. I can’t think of many items on the list (of things to do in my life) much smaller, or of a lower priority, but I feel like […]